The Schoolmaster Games

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St. Sebastian Academy is an all-male school where homosexuality is the norm. It pulsates of eroticism and power games that the strict Schoolmaster (Johan Ehn) orchestrates. In his secret relationship with pupil Charles (Christian Arnold), he’s developed the Schoolmaster Games, an extended play where Charles makes mischief and the Schoolmaster punishes.His BDSM affair with Charles comes to an abrupt end when a mysterious carving on his door brings back a traumatic memory from his past. Meanwhile, the auditions for the annual Winter Procession engulf Paul (Johan Charles), Tim (Simon Kling), Noak (Nino Forss) and Fred (Joel Valois), and the process challenges their internal hierarchy and threatens their friendship and unity.

Running Time: 01:24:21
Language: Swedish
Subtitles: English