Anal Sports

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Studio: Young And Restless
Actors: Jack Blue, Breeze, Lasota, Connor, Martin Love, Joshua Levy, Kevin Ateah, Tim Law, Tony Conrad, Paul Blow
Running Time: 01:37:51

Many lads are naturally sporty, but some lads are sporty in a very different way as youll quickly begin to appreciate when youre introduced here to the likes of Jack Blue, Kevn Ateah and Martin Love. After all, their interest is in balls of a very specific kind; and theyre never happy unless theyre stark-bollock naked and indulging in the big, meaty schlongs that they quickly discover in their mates shorts. The outcome, of course, is deliciously and wonderfully predictable; as mouths and asses open up to every last inch of pleasure, with each lad taking it all like the veritable pro they clearly already are. And theres no final whistle until every last drop of spunk is dumped over their cure, expectant faces. Bliss!