Athletic Supporters 2

Studio: Southern Strokes
Actors: Miles Gallagher, Michal Renok, Jerzy Fox, Radek Cerveny, Beno Eker, Justin Stone, Anton Marceau
Running Time: 01:20:18

It’s good to show your support for our youth on the field, mat, court, and anywhere else where they can let their competitive nature run free. But its even better when they support each other and in many sexy ways. Beno and Mark get ready for competition with some mock wrestling and realize how fun wrestling can be when done with a hard cock and a willing hole. Anton and Justin relax after a long day on the field with a hot bath that turns into Anton fucking Justins even hotter hole. Harry has to pay his debt after his team loses the game. But he is more than happy to show Dominic that losing isn’t always a bad thing. And just the idea of competition gets Miles sweaty in his new singlet. So pull out your dick and do your part to support these hot, young athletes on Athletic Supporters 2.