Balls Deep Drilling

Studio: Twink Deluxe
Actors: Fonda, Armando, Phil Raven, Will Hornet, Pyotr Tomek, Shane Hirch, Yuri Adamov, Rudy Valentino
Running Time: 01:46:00

They might look sweet and innocent, but rest assured these cute lads are nothing of the sort as the splendid, no-holds-barred cover kind of suggests. Not that youd really expect anything less from the likes of Yuri Adamov, Pyotr Tomek and the divine, Rudy Valentino. These are young fellows who quite literally live for cock on a daily basis; and it doesn’t take long to realize that they’re most definitely in their daily routine when it comes to shooting this terrific, ball-busting escapade. No question about it, you’re gonna be tugging on your dick in no time when these kids strut their stuff; sucking and riding cock like the total whores they already are, before firing the contents of their balls in an almost pyrotechnic display!