Balls Deep

Studio: Young And Restless
Actors: Charlie Dean, Dan Steele, Dennis Nicolero, David Sky, Saul Maxwell, Xavi Duran, Xavier Sibley, Pyotr Tomek, Woods, Peter Jensen, Marshall, David Harr
Running Time: 02:04:59

Some lads arent ever happy unless theyve got another guy balls-deep in them, or theyre balls-deep in another guy! And to prove the point the fellas at Young & Restless have gathered a group of such beauties for you pervy twink fans to enjoy. Cock-sluts such as Saul Maxwell, Jace Reed and the truly amazing David Sky, who dont seem to know the meaning of the word reserved, and who go crazy each and every time dick comes into view. Its the kind of reaction youd expect from these natural-born fuckers, of course; and theres no question at all of you not getting your own knob out in appreciation. All topped off by a cascade of pent-up spunk that we know is almost certain to tip you right over the edge!