Bang Brothers Fully Loaded

Studio: Raging Bulls
Actors: Bo Bangor, Gaston Croupier, Gabriel Fisk, Michel Rudin, Romeo Courtois, Matt Surfer, Drake Jaden, Fred Faurtin, Tyson, Ulysses
Running Time: 01:54:12

There’s nothing dainty of fine-featured about this band of horned-up brothers. No, they’re real men who clearly know what gives them pleasure, and who enjoy sharing their sweaty, ball-busting pleasures with as many other studs as possible. As is very clearly demonstrated by the constantly generous packaging that they’re each got stuffed inside their pants. Whatever the situation, they’re only too eager and willing to get down on their knees and slurp on dick; or to thrust every meaty inch of their oversized ramrods into whatever hungry ass comes their way. All sweetly resulting in a brash blast of pent-up man-juice every fucking time!