Be My Fuck Boy

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Studio: Naked Beauty
Actors: Boris Lang, Greg Noll, Ezra Gibson, Alex Aurora, Mark Fontana, Charlie Keller
Running Time: 01:38:17

Some lads like their sexual encounters to be a little on the gentle side, but take it from us that theres no such lack of energy or enthusiasm from the sweet, fresh-faced cherubs youll find stuffed in this high octane encounter. Twinks like Alex Aurora, Mark Fontana and Greg Noll, who love nothing better than being top-notch sluts for one another, and who will do anything to get their hands (as well as their mouths and asses!) on whatever hard dick is available. The result in exactly the kind of gorgeous sodomy-stuffed romp that will have you reaching for your own throbbing knob-end in no time; and with a literal tsunami of fresh ball-brew ready to blast skywards before the flicks end, youre guaranteed to be blown away time and again!