Be My Hero

Studio: Raging Bulls
Actors: Tom Long, Sam Colt, Jonny Kingdom, Adam Dacre, Sandro Sanchez, Ken Ten, J.P. Dubois, Adrian Toledo, Adam Russo
Running Time: 01:53:26

Everyone loves a hero and, whats more, everyone needs a hero too. Especially the cock-hungry buds in this sordid escapade, who love nothing better than showing their heroes just how much they mean to them. Which in this particular instance means satisfying their every single sexual craving. Guys like Adam Russo, Adrian Toledo and the appropriately named Tom Long, who are more than happy to show how much they adore the guys they adore by sucking and fucking for all theyre worth in full view of Raging Bulls cameras. The result is the kind of spunk-inducing fuck-fest that will have every fan of real men in a very sticky lather in no time; culminating in a tsunami of spunk that you simply wont wanna miss!