Be My Uninhibited Fuck Toy

Studio: Young And Restless
Actors: Tommy Lee, Swiss, Whiner, Harris, Stanley Black, Mike Cage, Reed, Sam Williams, Yuri Adamov, Scott, Chase Evans
Running Time: 01:45:31

With their puppy-like eyes and their lithe, fresh physiques, its no wonder that theres guys aplenty who are more than happy to turn this horned-up batch of young cuties into little more than their personal fuck-toys. Whats more, its an ambition that the twinks themselves are very clearly only too willing to indulge in for themselves. The result is this mindless collection of uber-horny antics, as one gorgeous angel after another enjoys the sort of sweet violation that makes for top-notch entertainment for boy-lovers everywhere. Indoors and out, these divine sluts take it long and hard each and every time; culminating in a mindless blast of pent-up spunk thatll have you dumping your own load in no time!