Bear Lifestyle

Studio: Pride Studios
Actors: Jax Hammer, Mac Savage, JD Travis, Ago Viera, Jack Dyer, Liam Greer, Chandler Scott, Rhino
Director: Gio Caruso
Running Time: 01:53:55

Back in the bear den we have a match made to order, as JD Travis and Liam Greer seem to be each other’s custom-made type. JD likes Liam’s furry legs and Liam loves JD’s cute belly and perfect, fuckable little hole. You would not think Mac Savage was into the bear lifestyle, but it is well known that the guy is an avid fur hunter. The Rhino is a big, beautiful catch who is ready to show him just how hairy things can get. Waiting for his fellow hunk Jax Hammer, who has plenty of growl in his game, daddy Jack Dyer makes his way back to the bear den. Ago Viera was hoping to spend the afternoon lounging in the pool, but when he finds Chandler Scott cleaning it, he realizes it’s going to be a few hours before it’s safe to go in. Not wanting to waste his afternoon, he asks Chandler what else they might do, as he drops his towel to show his hard dick sticking straight up.