Big Dick Admirer

Studio: Pride Studios
Actors: Riley Mitchel, Aaron Trainer, Jay Donahue, Alexander Garrett, Aston Springs, Clay Towers, Jack Andy, Joe Parker, Adrian Hart
Director: Gio Caruso
Running Time: 01:37:55

Aston Springs is back in his quest for a big cock and this time he finds Alexander Garrett in the shower. When they get back in the locker room, he cannot help himself as he comments on Alexander’s cock size. Sitting in bed, Jack Andy is stroking his big cock when his man Riley Mitchel walks in and chuckles to himself. Jack was supposed to get ready for the gym but instead, he has his big dick in his hand. Aaron Trainer is at the resort lounging by the pool when Adrian Hart shows up and gets in. They strike up some conversation with each other before they decide to venture to the room. The passion heats up and their massive big cocks are hard as a rock. Clay Towers and Jay Donahue have helped Joe Parker move into his new place and as they are unpacking stuff in his bedroom, they discover a box that contains a bottle of lube and a lot of condoms. Jay confronts Joe playfully and he dumps all the condoms on to the bed asking if he plans to have fun with them?