Big Dicks Rockin Hard

Studio: Boy Crush
Actors: Dom Ully, Gregor Gilead, Jeremiah Bell, Jake Olsen, Dominik Black, Lior Hod, Kurt Maddox, Greg Noll, Jamie Oliver
Running Time: 01:38:55

Twinks always have a bit of a reputation for being sex addicts, the kind of lads who quite literally think of sex morning, noon and night. Well if this offering from Bare Twinks Big Dicks Rockin Hard is anything to go by it’s a reputation that they very rightly deserve; as a collection of hot, ever-horny little beauties go crazy for dick like never before. Of course, given that they’re in the company of such gorgeous fitties as Jake Olsen, Lior Hod and Kurt Maddox it’s perhaps totally understandable that they should be affected like that; and take it from us they’re soon ripping off each other’s clothes and feasting on all the hard cock on offer like the whores they were born to be. All of which soon results in a tsunami of spunk that’s out of this world!