Bottom Games

Studio: Bareback Network
Actors: Pierce Paris, Elder Ivy, Elder Quaid, Drake Magnum, Scott Riley
Running Time: 01:32:34

Mercy: Drake is chock full of competitive energy, but hen his ripped buddy beats him in a game of mercy, he can’t help but be impressed. As a reward, he lets the sexy guy lick his puckering asshole and fuck his butt raw while his cock waves back and forth!
Pushups: These fit studs are in a heated competition to find out who can do more pushups. When it’s all over, the guys ant to experience a new level of physicality. They take turns barebacking each other’s tight holes and moaning in orgasmic passion.
Hot Hands: Both of these hunks want to top, so to decide who gets to fuck who, they play a game of hot hands. When Drake wins, he slides his chocolate cock in his little buddy’s aching acsshole, filling him up and stretching his rim to the brink.
When Games Get Sexual: Our tall, toned ebony stud lays a flirtatious game with a muscular hottie before dipping his big black cock inside the hunk’s hole bareback. Then he drops a huge load of cream all over the guy’s package!