Bottomless Cafe

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Brian Bonds, Drew Sebastian, Sherman Maus, Tony Orlando
Director: Tom Moore
Running Time: 01:39:40

The ‘Bottomless Café’ isn’t your average, mom-and-pop coffee shop. It caters to an anything-goes,no-holes-barred clientele! Fisting director Tom Moore films piggy café staff and their fist-hungry customers as they serve up sizeable portions of cock, forearms and insatiable ass all day. When Tony Orlando doesn’t care about helping his paying customers, Brian Bonds and Drew Sebastian,they teach him an intense lesson in whole wrecking. After busting out Tony’s hole, Brian finally getssome service with a cock down his throat and his guts pummeled. After Drew Sebastian gets stoodup by a date, café waiter Sherman Maus consoles him by offering to take Drew’s fist in his ass.Drew gets his man for the night as he drills his hefty dick and then his fist into Sherman. Next time you need a little something to warm your insides, stop by the ‘Bottomless Café’, where the holes are hungry, the fists are plenty and everyone leaves satisfied.