Boys of Sperm

Studio: Naked Beauty
Actors: Alessandro Katz, Mark Fontana, Milan Sharpe, Martin Rivers, Bjorn Nykvist, Connor Rex, Jaro Stone, Noah Matous
Running Time: 01:38:08

Theyre as cute as fuck and as randy as hell. These gorgeous young beauties cant keep their hands off each other, as they prove their worth as boys of sperm time and time again! Martin Rivers, Alessandro Katz and the living legend that is Jaro Stone, all join f-rces for the kind of blistering twink fest of your dreams; feasting on cock like its going out of fashion, before taking it in turns to ride cock like the bitches they were clearly always born to be. All nicely culminating in a cascade of hot boy sperm thatll leave you almost as drained as the lads themselves. If you can hold back as these sluts fuck and bust their nuts for your pleasure then chances are youre looking at the wrong kind of porn!