Brother Crush Vol. 17

Studio: Bareback Network
Actors: Ted Xander, Carter Ford, Eric Charming, Theo Brady, Drew Dixon, Ethan Chase, Jack Hunter, Brian Adams
Running Time: 01:39:38

You won’t believe how these naughty brothers fool around behind their parents’ backs! You’ll love watching older boys show the ropes to their innocent younger brothers. In this volume, Eric loves to get into mischief, especially with his older stepbrother so when the big guy suggests Eric fuck him like daddy fucks mommy, the boys rush off to their parents room for a good time. Theo plays the “shaving cream to face” prank on his older stepbrother, who is not amused and ends up taking out his revenge on his younger stepsibling’s asshole! Drew is quite the artist and the only way his younger stepbrother can think to get his attention is to offer to be his next nude model! Ted is sick of being late to school because of Carter, so he takes the younger boy over his knee and spanks that ass, but Carter only seems to enjoy the rough contact!