Bruthaload Vol. 10: Dick on Brick

Studio: Treasure Island Media
Actors: Avatar Akyia, Benny Blazin, Butta Nutt, Damilkywayz, Derek Cline, Eli martinez, Mr. Cali, Navajo Malik, SexyAssBam, The Nude Botanist, Venom
Director: Paul Morris, Max Sohl, I. Que Grande
Running Time: 01:58:59

Dick on Brick is eight of bruthaload’s finest all fuck scenes from director I. Que Grande. Power black bottom Derek Cline gets fucked by Venom. Avatar Akyia takes over SexyAssBam’s ass. Butta Nutt and Derek Cline play churn the butter. Mr. Cali pounds the hell outta DaMilkyWayz. The Nude Botanist uses Derek Cline to unload.Eli Martinez power fucks Navajo. The Nude Botanist showes Venom how to take cock. The grand finale is a sweet 3-way lucky Blazin getting the cock and cum of both Butta Nutt and Eli Martinez.