Bruthaload Brazil

Studio: Treasure Island Media
Actors: Carlao Villar, Douglas Pirocudo, Grande Simoes, Gutto Dotadao, James Villar, John Black, Magno Moreno, Mario Rasta, Maverson Carioca, Miguel Baiano, Nego Lu, Sam, The Big Lucas, Thomas Black
Director: Petrick Garcia, W. Bruno Starseed
Running Time: 01:51:49

Bruthaload Brazil highlights the hottest bruthas fucking each other’s brains out with their ginormous cocks. Creamy holes and BBC feature in this 6-fuck scene and two solo collection. Showcasing Miguel Baiano turning Sam into his creamy cumdump; Nego Lu fucking James Villar; a Magno Moreno group fuck with John Black, Maverson Carioca & Gutto Dotadao taking turns on Magno’s holes; a steamy 1-on-1 with Douglas Pirocudo & Grande Simoes; Mario Rasta & Thomas Black flip flop scene; and real life “cousins” James & Carlao Villar showing how they grew up fucking. Bruthaload Brazil also contains two solo jo scenes with Thomas Black and the Big Lucas strutting their stuff.