Bubble Butts In Love

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Studio: Young And Restless
Actors: Laarson, Hirch, Alvares, Baxter, Texeiro, Andy Rube, Jack Cameron, Zach Hansen, Enzo Sky, Brooks
Running Time: 01:52:21

They say a young man only thinks about two things food and sex. Well, take it from us its very much the latter that concentrates the attentions of Thomas Grey, Will Jones, Lloyd Adams and their ilk in this stupendous set-piece, as some of the hottest, horniest beauties get together for the kind of fuck-and-suck-fest that will stay long in the memory. No doubt about it, if the thought of watching cute beauties taking it hard and raw time and again gets your juices flowing then youre in for a right royal treat, with one throbbing shaft after the next giving ass after ass the pounding of a lifetime. All of which soon turns into a crescendo of grunting, groaning, and an incredible frenzy of spunk that leaves everyone totally drowned!