Cadet Initiation

Studio: Cum Freaks
Actors: Alejo, Antonio, Elio, Eric, Matias
Running Time: 02:06:13

Everyone’s heard of the kind of weird and kinky initiations that some folks have to go through to join the ranks of certain clubs and communities; but not all would-be members have to go to the lengths that the lads in this offering from Cum Freaks have to enjoy (or endure). Seriously, these boys will literally do anything to be a member of the group; even to the point of sucking hard cock and taking dick up their tight, virgin asses. To some it would surely be a step too far; but for Alejo, Elio and friends it seems a price worth paying. What’s more, you horny wankers get to watch every single perverse moment of the process; with a blizzard of pent-up jizz serving as a very fitting conclusion to these lads’ pervy antics!