Catch & Release

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Studio: CockyBoys
Actors: Carter Dane, Roman Todd, Avery Jones, Austin Wolf, Ari Avanti, Sebastian Green, Edward Terrant, Nikko Russo
Director: Jake Jaxson, R.J. Sebastian
Running Time: 01:37:23

Ari Avanti makes his professional porn debut in Catch & Release from R.J. Sebastian and Jake Jaxson. He is discovered peeking at the Daddy of all Daddies, Austin Wolf, at the local fishing hole. What happens next is no surprise. Join Carter Dane, Roman Todd, Edward Terrant, Nikko Russo, Avery Jones, and Sebastian Green as they navigate hot scenarios where they pick up their partners and fuck them raw while cruising. Whether it be bent over a car, a tractor, or inside a clothing store changing room, these guys are raring to go anywhere.