Cheat Day

Studio: Falcon Studios
Actors: Cade Maddox, Trevor Brooks, Chris White, Brock Brodie, Kane Fox, Beau Butler, Sean Xavier, Alexander Muller, Tristan Hunter
Director: Ben Rush, Steve Cruz
Running Time: 02:45:23

Trevor Brooks and Chris White have had a deep bond and a rock-solid relationship for nearly seven years. The secret to their longevity? ‘Cheat Day’. Twice a year, they give each other a free pass to refuel their engines by fucking other guys. So, while Trevor is taking exclusive Cade Maddox’s enormous raw cock in his uniquely accommodating asshole, Chris joins a bareback bro-down with newcomer Brock Brodie and the gorgeous Kane Fox at a secluded desert cabin. It’s not long before horny hikers Alexander Müller and Tristan Hunter overhear Chris’s loud three-way and can’t help but drain their own hard dicks in the middle of the open sand. Meanwhile, with Trevor and Chris other wise occupied, their pool man, Sean Xavier, and gardener, exclusive Beau Butler, give up on taking care of business so they can take care of each other in their bosses’ backyard. All good things must end, though, and, by dawn, Trevor and Chris reunite in their Palm Springs home for something even better – passionate and connected sex that strengthens their true commitment to each other. So mark your calendars for ‘Cheat Day’ because, after all, who doesn’t love a snack between meals?