Chris Crocker’s Raw Love

Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Actors: Chris Crocker, Valentino Medici, Ben, Michael Lucas, Jonathan Agassi, Draven Torres, Justin Dean, Seth Roberts, Fernando Torres, Saxon West
Director: Adam Killian
Running Time: 02:40:58

“Chris Crocker’s Raw Love” sets an example for all guys who either love their boyfriends or just want to fuck a guy they’re lusting for in the moment! Seth Roberts gives up romance for a bareback pounding from Saxton West’s raw dick. Fernando Torres and Valentino Medici turn up the passion as they flip-fuck each other. Jake Andrews takes all 10 inches of Michael Lucas’ raw uncut cock. Sex hounds Jonathan Agassi and Draven Torres fuck their hearts out. And Chris Crocker makes his debut at Lucas Entertainment with his boyfriend Justin Dean, sharing his “Raw Love” with everyone!