Christmas Wish Cum True

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Dante Colle, Roman Eros, Spencer Laval, Dalton Riley, Lance Ford, Darin Silvers, Ryan Jordan, Gunner, Johnny B
Director: Roco Fallon, Walden Woods
Running Time: 02:16:17

While Johnny B’s up on the rooftop like another well-known stocking stuffer, he daydreams of being snuggled up with the holiday helpers tending to the yard. When wakes up to Spencer Laval and Ryan Jordan tending to him instead, it’s a Christmas wish cum early. It’s three times the holiday fun when Roman Eros, best friend Dante Colle, and his step-brother Ryan Jordan, all share in the festivities. As they decorate their tree and stage their gifts, Darin Silvers & Gunner can feel the holiday spirit in the air, but it looks like they’ll both be on the naughty list after their exploits on the sofa. Lance Ford is feeling anything but festive as the work piles up and all his family responsibilities add on. Partner Dalton Riley senses Lance is at his breaking point, so he schedules a little rendezvous with Dalton’s first crush, Roman Eros.