Close The Door & Fuck Me More

Studio: Macho Mayhem
Actors: Mike Hunt, Dominic Pacifico, Ben Mason, Paris Hussein, Roberto Lacorte, Antonio Garcia, Woody Fox, Calvin Cox, Thierry Lamasse, Rocco Banks
Running Time: 01:49:17

They might look like your typical man-about-town, but these gorgeous studs all have one very dark secret each and every one of them love cock like nothing else in the world. The result is a totally ball-busting bonanza that will have you unzipping and wanking in no time. Rocco Banks, Ben Mason and Calvin Cox lead an all-star, dick-obsessed band of brothers, who can think of nothing better than to suck and fuck like the wild, animalistic whores that each and every one of them clearly are. So whether theyre teaming up as a duo, or enjoying a wild, spunky threesome, you can be sure that they wont disappoint; resulting in the kind of spunk-blasting frenzy that will have you jerking off like fury each and every time!