Coach My Hole

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Dale Savage, Micah Martinez, Tony Orlando, Wrex Wylde
Director: Tom Moore
Running Time: 01:21:20

On this playing field, horny athletes and their leaders eagerly say “Coach My Hole!” Award-winning fetish director Tom Moore takes you deep into the locker room with six fisting superstars who get their bareback holes stretched beyond belief. After a rough day of practice, Coach Dale Savage helps Tony Orlando with some soreness by fist-fucking his tight hole. After getting worked out, Tony returns the favor by busting out Dale’s eager coach crack. After practice, Micah Martinez and Wrex Wylde hit the showers where Micah gets his hairy ass busted. When it’s Wrex’s turn, he proves he can handle both of Micah’s fists and a foot deep inside him. Don’t be late for practice unless you’re willing to get your hole coached.