Content House

Studio: NakedSword
Actors: Cole Connor, Diego Sans, Chris Damned, Lucca Mazzi, Luca del Rey, Beau Butler, Reese Rideout
Director: Marc MacNamara
Running Time: 01:31:01

Needing a break from the grueling pace of being both world-famous porn stars and international peacekeepers, some of the top new Swords recruits have decided to invade Palm Springs, rent a ‘Content House’ and focus on nothing but creating some bareback fan videos. With award-winning director Marc MacNamara at the helm, these seven porn star secret agents are aching to unwind and unload as they spend the weekend filming POV-style videos of each other putting their holes and poles to good use. Cole Connor and Diego Sans are the first to arrive at the location, with both immediately grabbing their camera phones, getting naked and fucking raw all over the house’s common areas. Chris Damned is next as he takes over a bedroom to film Lucca Mazzi sucking his knob and taking his big dick, pounding the bodybuilder’s muscular bubble butt. Ready for a second round, Cole Connor’s eyes are set on Luca del Rey as he 69s with the long-haired heartthrob, fucks him upside down and cums all over his open mouth. Reese Rideout then closes out the weekend by filming a POV video of Beau Butler sucking down his big cock before pounding the hunk’s hairy hole across his bed. It’s nothing but constant pumping and delicious cum-dumping in this latest installment of ‘The Swords’ saga, so grab your camera and get ready to press record inside NakedSword’s ‘Content House’.