Cruel Intentions

Studio: Disruptive Films
Actors: Chris Damned, Andrew Miller, Blain O’Connor, Elliot Finn, Adrian Hart, Trevor Harris
Director: Walden Woods
Running Time: 01:14:18

Stepbrothers Kent Milhaven (Elliot Finn) and Bash Wentbrook (Trevor Harris) are rich, vapid, and bored. Their money has bought them loads of entertainment, but nothing gets them going like some good old-fashioned competition. Their new game isn’t for the faint hearted. The goal, get their sweet and innocent neighbor (Andrew Miller) into bed. Whoever pops his cherry, gets the glory, but at what price?Dante Crawford (Chris Damned) is a nightmare boss. He treats his employees like dirt and Dante’s assistant, Clay McManus (Blain O’Connor) has had enough of it. Clay is lucky to have his boyfriend, Geoffrey Stevens (Adrian Hart) by his side, working as Dante’s private chef, but he knows there needs to be a change. One day, when Clay can no longer keep his cool, things do shift massively in Cruel Intentions.