Deep, Hard and Raw!

Studio: Pride Studios
Actors: Marc Danton, Justin Eros, Musclebear Montreal, Killian Knox, Adrian Suarez, Rikk York, Sean Duran, Damien Crosse
Director: Gio Caruso
Running Time: 01:35:22

Killian Knox uses his ass to lure Marc Danton into bed. He gets eaten by Marc’s mouth before taking his cock up his ass. Justin Eros is super horny and loves to have cock in his mouth. Musclebear Montreal is equally as horny and ready to fuck whatever holes he can find. Adrian Suarez and Rikk York start this scene with a series of long and passionate kissing. While feeling up each other’s bodies, they start to get hard. They slowly make their way to the bed and start removing each other’s clothing. When their pants come off, the real fun begins. Sean Duran and Damien Crosse lick ass, suck cock and fuck in the locker room.