Deep in the Club

Studio: Club Inferno
Actors: Dean Rogers, Josh Mikael, Derek Cline, Mike Monroe, Alex Killian, Brian Bonds
Director: Tom Moore
Running Time: 02:00:09

Deep In the Club, horny studs are cruising around in leather just waiting for an eager hunk to open up their holes with a hefty fist. Join award-winning kink director Tom Moore, and eight piggy men who are wandering the club in search of busted holes and thick fists. Alex Killian finds Mike Monroe and Brian Bonds going at it when they invite him in, making sure they keep going until all three have had their holes stretched. Derek Cline finds Josh Mikael alone in his room and offers up his hole to fist. After Josh gets in, Derek takes charge and busts out Joshs hairy, sloppy ass. When Alex Killian stumbles upon Dean Rogers stroking, he handballs the hairy stud before getting his own shaking orgasm with Deans fist planted up his ass. Next time you want to get Deep In the Club, make sure your holes are ready, your fist is gloved and youre not leaving until your balls are drained.