Delight My Ass

Studio: Young And Restless
Actors: Nick Vargas, Gary Bond, James Jones, Goliath, Milan Sharpe, Rafael Drymeer, Ale, Brant Shy, Joshua Levy, Noah Matous, Sam Williams
Running Time: 01:51:27

Whats the most important part of the body? The brain? The heart? Well believe us when we tell you that to these horned-up sex-gods there really is only one answer to that question – the ass! Indeed, they really cant enough hard cock up their rears right from the off; surrendering their sweet little bubble butts with the kind of relish that you rarely see from kids their age. Noah Matous, Joshua Levy and Nick Vargas are just three of the fresh-faced darlings with dick on their mind both morning, noon and night; taking every chance that comes their way to feast on all those hard inches and to give and receive with equal gusto. All nicely topped off with an expectant wad of hot, creamy baby-batter to seal the deal!