Depraved Twinks Next Door

Studio: Young And Restless
Actors: Magiati, Spatter, White, Paris, Mackenzie Cross, Tim Scooby, Connor Levi, Edward Fox, Gabriel, Junior Pavanello
Running Time: 01:51:27

Butter wouldnt melt in their mouths or so theyd like to think. Behind closed doors, however, you can rest assured that this bunch of spunk-junkies cant wait to get out of their clothes in order to enjoy the sweet, unequalled pleasures that only hard cock and raw, pert arse can provide. Connor Levi, MacKenzie Cross and Roman Smid lead this all-star, all-horned cast; who simply cant wait to ride it hard and raw whenever the chance arises. The resulting suck-and-fuck-frenzy will have you getting your aching knob out in no time; as this bunch of long-term slags go at it like never before both indoors and out. All climaxing with a top-notch spunk-out to remember; with no dick left undrained for your personal pleasure!