Dirty Cops

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Anthony Moore, Spencer Laval, Scott Finn, Dante Martin
Director: Rocco Fallon
Running Time: 01:33:59

Detective Anthony Moore may have questionable methods, but no one can argue with is results. No one, that is, except for his snitch, or “The Bitch” as Anthony so lovingly refers to him. To his credit, Dante Martin is a good snitch, and has provided a few good leads in the past, but at this point, his main usefulness to Det. Anthony Moore is still hot on the trail of the dealer who has been peddling his wares on campus, and his investigation has yielded a search warrant for Scott Finn’s place of residence. After searching the house and coming up empty, the rest of the officers have pulled out and left, but Detective Moore senses that something isn’t right, and hangs out a little longer. When Detective agreed to harbor Scott Finn at his place, he knew he was taking a bit of a tiask with the law. He had no idea what kind of risk it would pose to the tidiness of his home, but now that Scott’s become a full time video game player–whatever that is–he’s seriously been neglecting his part of the arrangement.