Dirty Sex Games

Studio: Playful Toy Boys
Actors: Miller, Marcel Lavrov, Juan Caicedo, Sven Larsson, Chase Hunt, Rudy Valentino, Justin Conway, Marty Love
Running Time: 02:19:59

It’s only right and proper that guys are at their playful best when they’re young and fresh – a fact that’s only underlined here with this bonza collection of handsome, hairless beauties, whose only desire is to satisfy each other’s aching dicks and to empty each other’s balls. What’s more, with the likes of Rudy Valentino and Sven Laarson on the roll-call, you can be assured of some very sticky satisfaction yourself. Whether they’re stuck indoors or making the most of the fine weather outdoors, these pert, doe-eyed sweethearts aren’t happy until they’re banging away with all their might to secure the next, heavy-duty crescendo!