Do(n’t) Play With Me

Studio: Macho Mayhem
Actors: Isaac Eliad, Aday Traun, Sandro Sanchez, Riley Tess, Paddy O’Brian, Aaron Cage, Victor, Dillon Buck, Harrison, Will Helm
Running Time: 02:03:30

Coverboy Will Helm showcases his ripped torso as he dares you to step up to Do(n’t) Play With Me, but it’s a fool who passes up this prime piece of French man-meat. Who wouldn’t want to kiss that handsome face, lick those nipples or play with his huge cock, and becaue Will Helm is a strong power top who loves nothing more than fucking a good bottom who knows how to take it, it’s not long before one of his close pals steps up to the plate and takes all that Will has to give and much more. Will isn’t the only one who wants to play, ten guys in all team up for a fuck fiesta that sees everyone getting as much cock as they can handle in two hours of hard action.