Dungeon Pig

Studio: Club Inferno
Actors: Tony Orlando, Wrex Wylde, Devin Franco, Brian Bonds
Director: Tom Moore
Running Time: 01:29:34

Behind closed doors, release all of your taboo inhibitions and be a ‘Dungeon Pig’ for some kinky, bareback fisting fun. Director Tom Moore leads a cast of four horny and piggy studs eager to ruin each other’s holes. Wrex Wylde offers up his talented cavern as a place for Tony Orlando to land his fist. When it’s Tony’s turn, Wrex tests his limits with a deep reaching handballing. Piggy stud Devin Franco steps into the dungeon with Brian Bonds and gets his ass fucked and fisted at the same time. Brian takes his turn getting fisted by Devin and sitting down on foreign hole-stretching objects with his fist bud until they are both drained. Oink, oink little piggy! Become one of the ‘Dungeon Pig’ and test just how much your hungry hole can handle.