Elder Anderson: Chapters 1-4

Studio: Missionary Boyz
Actors: Bishop Davies, Greg McKeon, Marco Napoli, Mason Anderson
Running Time: 01:32:59

Elder Anderson meets with Bishop Napoli who believes the best way to reach wayward youths is not through strict discipline, but by turning mistakes into teachable moments. Word quickly gets around that Anderson feels he has a higher calling than the other boys of the Order, but as President Manwaring and Bishop Davies learn, his charisma will make him a most effective priest. It’s rare for the Elders to have an outside connection to the priests, but Manwaring and Anderson know each other from high school. As Manwaring instructs the boy, Anderson feels the same attraction to Manwaring as he felt during their time in school together. While Anderson was the perfect student, a talented athlete and model citizen, he knew college wasn’t for him. He shares with Napoli that he’s meant for something more and he’s ready to give himself over completely to the teaching of the Order.