Elder Argos: Chapters 1-4

Studio: Missionary Boyz
Actors: Joel Someone, Argos Santini, Jason Wolf, Elder Inaki
Running Time: 01:33:13

Elder Argos is unlike most boys who come face to face with the priests. While the others defer and are very nervous, Argos seems not to realize just how important his probing by President Lewis is to his future in the order.As the weeks go by, Argos and Inaki continue their torrid love affair in secret. Constantly concerned that their secret meetings will become known to the priests, the boys have no greater fear than being sent home before their mission is complete. Elder Wolf has been fantasizing about swallowing Argos’ cock and now, when the boys find themselves alone, that fantasy now becomes a wet sticky reality. Time passes and just as Elder Wolf is pushing himself to get over what he believes to be unreciprocated feelings for Argos, he feels the boy of his dreams come up behind him in the bathroom and wrap his arms around him. It isn’t long before Wolf enters Argos, jackhammering his tight ass into submission.