Elder Boon: Chapters 1-4

Studio: Missionary Boyz
Actors: Damaged Bottom, Bishop Davies, President Oaks, Myles Landon
Running Time: 01:26:45

Elder Boon is the focus of a discussion between President Lee and Bishop Davies. The two men agree that the quickest way to the man’s heart is opening him up to the pleasures of the flesh. The men surround the boy, savoring every inch of his silky smooth skin. There is no lying in Elder Boon and President Oak is fascinated with the openness and honesty that Boon brings as he indulges fully in his lessons. Surrounded by other handsome missionaries, Boon is reminded of the crush he had on his older stepbrother, but now, rather than suppress his attractions, he’s free to enjoy his desires to the fullest. While he sees himself growing as a person, Boon still needs to be reminded that actions have consequences. Since rules have been broken, it has fallen on President Oak to remind Boon that he is being watched and the commandments of the Order must be obeyed.