Elder Brier: Chapters 1-4

Studio: Missionary Boyz
Actors: President Oaks, Elder Brier, President Lewis, President Lee, Bishop Angus
Running Time: 01:33:09

Elder Brier is new to the mission but was finding it hard to fit in. President Lewis took notice of Brier’s feelings of not fitting in and decided to “counsel” him and welcome him to the order. Brier is proving himself to be the most rebellious young man the order has accepted, but President Oaks is determined to make Brier understand the importance of obeying the hierarchy by any means possible. Facing yet another challenge of joining the order, Elder Brier finds President Lee’s girthy cock drilling his tight hole to be the most intense lesson he has experience thus far. After breaking the rules one too many times, elder brier learns that he must now face disciplinary action at the hands and cock of Bishop Angus. The missionary is sentenced to entertain the older man by taking on the butt plug board and proving he has what it takes to join the order.