Elder Call: Chapters 1-6

Studio: Missionary Boyz
Actors: Bishop Angus, Darron Bluu, Greg McKeon, Joel Someone, Manuel Skye, Myles Landon
Running Time: 02:16:44

Elder Call has been the subject of much discussion since joining the mission. He’s devoted, disciplined, and his beautiful pink hole is quite the experience. President Lewis is Call’s stepfather so he feels a greater responsibility to test Call, questioning his desires and breaking down his defenses. The next step comes in the form of Bishop Manwaring who demands Elder Call remove his clothing and give in to the older man’s whims. Naturally nervous, Call is even more on edge when he has to spend time with President Skye who he finds himself deeply attracted too. President Lewis can’t deny his desire and approaches Call in the shower. Call is to be presented as a gift to be used as the priest desires; Lewis hopes Call can handle what is coming. Call’s sexual antics have been witnessed and now discipline must be endured.