Elder Dean: Chapters 1-4

Studio: Missionary Boyz
Actors: Bishop Davies, Myles Landon, Oliver Dean, President Oaks
Running Time: 01:21:53

Elder Dean knows that he’s destined to join the ranks of the high priesthood, but he’s also crafty enough to know the best path to that goal is to play the roles of an innocent, sweet-faced boy. President Lee knows firsthand just how to melt a girl’s heart to get what he may want and he sees the same talents in elder Dean, so he’s eager to see how the man will react to his charms. President Oaks knows Dean’s type; successful at school and pretty much has his way with girls, but he also recognizes Dean’s attraction to men is an attraction Dean is finding harder and harder to deny Elders Dean and Herring have a special bond cemented with physical attraction and intimacy that several of the other boys have brought to the attention of Bishop Davies. The Bishop knows that confronting the boys is a tricky process. He doesn’t want to crush their natural feelings as much as bringing them to the ultimate fruition.