Elder Dial: Chapters 1-4

Studio: Missionary Boyz
Actors: Alex Riley, Bishop Angus, Jay James, Joel Someone, Mel Grey, President Oaks
Running Time: 01:25:51

Elder Dial is aware of the secret order within the mission, but he has never felt closer to its presence than now, sitting in Bishop Angus’ office with the older man starring deeply into his eyes. President Lewis is stern and determined but seeing how Elders Dial and Rim are acting when he gives an order, he wonders if his coldness has been interrupted as cruelty and if it is truly better to be feared, rather than loved. President Oaks is a man who truly believes in his mission to instill the values that make a good missionary, but once he becomes aware of Elder Dial he finds that his devout path may take a detour down the road to desire. President Lewis has found himself succumbing more and more to temptation. Eager to stick his dick into every missionary he can, Lewis finds himself alone with Elders Dial and Parker.