Elder Edwards: Chapters 1-6

Studio: Missionary Boyz
Actors: Jay Tee, Max Sargent, Myles Landon
Running Time: 02:03:16

Elder Edwards is one of the most physically appealing messionaries to ever join the order. His shyness only intensifies the attraction the high priests feel towards him. President Ballard interrogates his young pledge, but when the questions turn to sexuality, Edward begins to crack. With the memory of their previous encounter still fresh, Edwards finds himself easily aroused in Ballard’s presence. During the annointment, Ballard finds he can barely control his primal urges and is eager to indulge in the Edwards’ flesh. As the frequency of their meetings grew, Edwards learns that Ballard has something he himself does not: power. As President Lee’s hand slipped beneath Edwards undergarments and found his cock, Edwards found himself unable to refuse the older man. Now that he was being accepted into the order, Edwards welcomed Ballard to everything the young man had to offer.