Elder Herring: Chapters 1-4

Studio: Missionary Boyz
Actors: Dylan Herring, Myles Landon, President Oaks
Running Time: 02:06:31

Elder Herring is eager to learn but President Lee believes the path to true knowledge is best traveled with a constant bombardment of information. While it proves to be effective, this philosophy leads Elder Herring to overload and collapse. It is at this time that President Lee sees an opportunity. While waiting to meet the President of the mission, Elder Davies decides that this is the perfect time and place to seduce the young Herring as the thought of possibly getting caught is too exciting to pass up. When Bishop Davies learns that Herring has violated the rules there is anger but even more so there is the excitement that he will be able to punish Herring in any way he sees fit. When Elder Herring learns that he has been selected to join the order, he’s shocked. Now the only thing standing in his way to his goal is the ever so personal probing interview with the intimidating President Oaks.