Elder Hill: Chapters 1-4

Studio: Missionary Boyz
Actors: Adrian Hill, President Reed
Running Time: 01:30:49

Elder Hill gets called into a special meeting with President Reed where he is informed that he will be the recipient of some exclusive lessons from the older man. President Reed tells Elder Hill that the other Presidents have been very impressed with his service to the church, who believes his is ready to take the next step. Elder Hill is thrilled and ready to do anything necessary, so President Reed informs him that he must make sure he’s been staying pure by submitting him to a thorough inspection. President Reed confronts Elder Hill about rumors that Hill may want to experiment recreationally. The man admits he is curious, saying that he just wants new experiences to which President Reed responds there are much better ways to get a thrill. Impress with Elder Hill’s work in the church, President Reed decides to reward him for his unwavering devotion. President Reed offers him a special massage, complete with anointing oil and the ultimate pleasure.