Elder Knoxx: Chapters 1-4

Studio: Missionary Boyz
Actors: Thyle Knoxx, Manuel Skye
Running Time: 02:07:49

Elder Knoxx is about to experience one hell of a ride as President Skye is f-rced to take the appropriate disciplinary action for the young man’s transgressions. It’s time for Elder Knoxx’s physical examination, where President Skye will make sure that his body is strong enough to withstand the Lord’s trials. Elder Knoxx has a very important meeting with President Skye. As he sits beside him, President Skye begins the interviewing process, and surely, Elder Knoxx starts confessing even his darkest thoughts. Lucky for him, President Skye assures him that this is the safest place to fulfill his most sinful fantasies. President Skye meets with Elder Knoxx to tell him that he’s been doing really well lately and everybody in the congregation is very happy with his performance as an Elder. When President Skye offers to do an anointing massage as a reward, Elder Knoxx knows where things are going to go and happily lays down naked to accept his deep appreciation.