Elder Lovell: Chapters 1-4

Studio: Missionary Boyz
Actors: Dakota Lovell, Dante Drackis, Jesse Avalon
Running Time: 01:33:57

Elder Lovell has been extremely stressed with all of his studies, and caring Bishop Drackis can tell that the boy is reaching his breaking point. To make sure he doesn’t crack under pressure, the thoughtful priest rubs his body until the boy is yearning for his throbbing cock. Bishop Drackis is taking a shower when Elder Lovell walks in asking if it’s ok for him to shave. Dante feels more than ok, in fact, he tells Lovell to join him in the shower. Elder Lovell and Bishop Drackis summon ELder Avalon to discuss his latest transgressions. Jessee thinks that all he has to do is say a couple prayers, but he is surprised with a much more physical penitence. Elder Lovell and Bishop Drackis are meeting up with Elder Avalon who’s interested in joining the congregation. Little did they know that his questions about their celibacy would lead them into some sinful activity.