Elder Packer: Chapters 1-4

Studio: Missionary Boyz
Actors: Mel Grey, Alex Riley, President Oaks, Bishop Angus, Joel Someone
Running Time: 01:23:21

Elder Parker, while washing President Oaks feet, feels himself hardening and when he looks into the older man’s eyes he feels an undeniable urge to please. Eager to shine, Packer has no idea what the Order has planned for him but as Bishop Angus begins his instructions, Packer knows he’ll do whatever is asked of him. Elder Rim has had a crush on Packer so when President Lewis encourages him to join him in the shower with the curly haired Packer, he can barely contain his excitement. President Lewis instructs the younger men, filming the entire interaction until he decides to join in. Elder Packer feels mentally and physically exhausted . He has pushed himself to the limit to do everything that has been asked of him without question with only the goal of being welcomed to the Order in mind. But now, with the final test at hand, does he truly have what it takes to join?