Elder Reign: Chapters 1-4

Studio: Missionary Boyz
Actors: Elder Reign, Joel Someone, Trent Summers
Running Time: 02:04:56

Elder Reign meets with Bishop Summers to perform a purification ceremony. The young man is instructed to undress and lay on a table so that Bishop Summers can anoint his naked body with sacred oil. The seductive ceremony becomes deliciously sinful. Elder Reign’s recent behavior gets him summoned to Bishop Summer’s office. Elder Reign swears he just wants to be a good missionary and so he has to prove his allegiance by following every single order implemented by Bishop Summers. President Lewis calls in Elder Reign for a worthiness check. Soon, President Lewis will be giving Elder Reign a worthy lesson that he won’t forget. President Lewis demands Elder Reign report to his office for a thorough evaluation. Elder Reign agrees to do exactly as President Lewis says and for that, he gets properly rewarded with a go at the President’s tight, hungry hole.